Be a Reseller

A “Reseller” at Ifrenel is an individual with the intention to sell Ifrenel products through their independent sales channels, which may include physical stores or person-to-person selling. Resellers are required to make an initial purchase of at least Php. 6,000 worth of Ifrenel products, unlocking a lifetime 20% discount on subsequent purchases. This upfront investment not only secures their reseller status but also provides them with a competitive advantage by ensuring a significant discount on the high-quality Ifrenel products they intend to sell. Resellers contribute to Ifrenel’s distribution network, playing a key role in making our products accessible to a wider audience through diverse sales channels.

Be an affiliate

An “Affiliate” at Ifrenel refers to an influential individual with a significant social media presence, specializing in live selling on platforms like Shopee, TikTok, or YouTube, or excelling as a content creator, particularly in areas like beauty and product reviews. Affiliates leverage their online influence to promote Ifrenel products through a unique Affiliate Link. This specialized link is shared with their engaged audience, and the Affiliate earns commissions for every sale generated through this link. Affiliates play a crucial role in expanding Ifrenel’s reach and building brand awareness, while also benefiting from a commission-based compensation structure.