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New York, NY · January 8, 2009 /PRNewswire/ — Over 80 percent of Americans suffer from acne at some time in their lives, impacting not only their skin, but their self esteem as well. Many reach for over-the-counter solutions, but with the banning of benzoyl peroxide in cosmetic products in the European Union and the desire for more natural ingredients in health and beauty products, consumers are taking a hard look at their acne treatments and searching for more natural alternatives. For many, Ifrenel is the solution they’ve been looking for.

Ifrenel is a new type of acne fighter that delivers a naturally gentle clay mineral treatment in a powder-based form. Used as a topical treatment, the product’s proprietary blend of kaolin clay, coupled with salicylic acid, works to whisk away the oil and dirt found on the skin that cause acne, reduce existing acne breakouts, and provide gentle exfoliation, leaving the skin cleaner, smoother and more radiant. The product’s specially processed kaolin clay effectively absorbs the dirt and oil that causes problem skin without producing the irritable side effects often associated with many leading acne treatments.

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