Reseller Qualification Criteria for Ifrenel Products

1. Product Procurement
Cash Purchase: Interested resellers should make a cash purchase of Ifrenel products. The
minimum initial purchase amount is Php 6,000 with an outright discount of 20%.

2. Application Process:
Interested parties should submit a reseller application form, providing details about their
business, including the physical store location, size, and the target market.

3. Compliance with Brand Guidelines:
Resellers are required to adhere to Ifrenel’s brand guidelines, including product display
standards, pricing policies, and promotional materials.

4. Training and Support:
Upon approval, resellers will receive comprehensive training on Ifrenel products, including
key ingredients, usage instructions, and the brand’s unique selling points.
Ongoing support will be provided to ensure a successful partnership, including access to
marketing materials and promotional campaigns.

5. Sales Performance:
Resellers are expected to meet minimum sales target of at least Php 5,000 a month,
fostering a commitment to actively promote and sell Ifrenel products.

6. Communication and Collaboration:
Resellers could either text or message any concern about Ifrenel products through its sales
representative assigned or directly email our customer support at [email protected].


Can the member open an online store under the name of Ifrenel or Clayn?

The answer is No, since this contradicts the Agreement above. The reseller may open an
online store under their name and feature products that include Ifrenel and Clayn brands.
Please note that Ifrenel and Clayn are trademarked brands owned by Ifrenel, Inc.

From time to time, the company will announce special bonuses to top resellers. Stay tuned
for future announcements.

Disclaimer: The program is subject for change with 2 weeks prior notice to the reseller. Non-performing resellers can be terminated if no sales occurred within 60 days of last sales.