Clayn Oil Control Powder in Blisspacks

Made with rare and premium Kaolin Clay, Clayn oil control powder is a performance-based skin care that effectively removes excess oils that skin bacteria uses as food and cause acne and pimples.

Clayn Oil Control Powder in Blisspacks



CLAYN The new mineral-based powder skincare regimen, is here to bring that natural glow back to your skin. Clayn is clinically tested and proven effective in removing excessive oils in the skin. You can use it as a final touch in your skin care routine.


  • Whitens and improves skin tone with daily use.
  • Corrects the skin. (Chicken Skin like in armpits)
  • Can be used to clear out baby’s butt rashes.



15 Blisspacks – good for 15-30 days of use.

30 Blisspacks – good for 30-60 days of use.

All packaging are handy and travel-friendly.

AGE: Can be used by all ages.



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