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Ifrenel – The Best Acne Skin Solution!
A revolutionary, mineral-based technology upon which a number of unique therapeutic skin products have been created. Ifrenel technology both effectively cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it feeling clean and smooth.

Clayn is our non-acne skin therapy for those men and women who want to improve their skin tone and keep the matted shine-free look all day.

Ifrenel anti acne

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Performance skin care

Cleanse, treat and hydrate with Ifrenel s.a. to make your skin as healthy as possible. Ifrenel s.a. is gentle enough to use as an everyday skincare,
yet powerful enough to fight even the most persistent acne breakouts. Using Ifrenel s.a. involves just one easy step and provides the following benefits:

Clarifying Skin Cleanser

-Deep cleans irritants and dead skin without irritation
-Calms and soothes your tired skin
-Penetrates deep to unclog pores

Exfoliating Acne Treatment

-Helps heal existing blemishes while preventing new ones
-Penetrates pores to rid them of oil and dirt
-Eliminates excess skin cell build-up


-Hydrates skin
-Prevents drying and scaliness