Hello, Clear Skin

Ifrenel Girl

I have been battling acne since I can remember, but my pimples are pretty unpredictable. I got my acne way back when I was a teen but it went away after maintaining my acne wash. After a while when I transferred to Manila for my college degree, that was when my acne started flaring up again, and it got worse when the pandemic started. I have used countless products which diminished my pimples for a while but then they come back in an even worse state than before. Now I got both acne and scars on my face! That was when I was introduced to Ifrenel

The Solution to Acne Skin

New York, NY/PRNewswire/ — Over 80 percent of Americans suffer from acne at some time in their lives, impacting not only their skin, but their self esteem as well. Many reach for over-the-counter solutions, but with the banning of benzoyl peroxide in cosmetic products in the European Union and the desire for more natural ingredients in health and beauty products, consumers are taking a hard look at their acne treatments and searching for more natural alternatives. For many, Ifrenel is the solution they’ve been looking for.

Clinical Research and Results

Ifrenel has undergone extensive clinical tests. Some data is presented here to demonstrate the efficacy of Ifrenel

Figure 1 shows the effect of Ifrenel on the reduction of sebum (oil on the skin) after a single treatment. The sebum was measured using a non-invasive instrument called a sebumeter. The data demonstrates a reduction of over 80% of the sebum present on the surface of the skin after a single application of Ifrenel.