Ifrenel, Inc. secures the FDA Certificate of Product Notification from Philippine FDA for two of its first skin care products –Ifrenel anti-acne and Clayn face cleanser

Moving forward after launching the contract with GMA for it’s nationwide advertising, a huge leap for the company, Ifrenel has successfully obtained its Certificate of Product Notification (CPN) for two of its first products: Ifrenel and Clayn.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines established the Certificate of Product Notification (CPN) as a requisite for companies to provide consumers with a better awareness of certain products, as well as market authorization prior to manufacture, importation, sale or offer for sale, distribution, transfer, advertisement, and/or promotion.

Filed last July 2022, with the help of FDA, Ifrenel was able to secure the CPN for its two products last September 6, 2022. Despite the unfortunate events that happened while this was being filed, one because the typhoon last August 22, 2022, which caused the FDA system to be temporarily shut down and unavailable, the FDA contacts have been more than helpful to extend their assistance and made it possible for us to obtain the CPN on time when we needed it.

Currently, Ifrenel is shipping in more that 90,000 of its products into the Philippines to meet the demand in the Philippine market. This is just the start of it. The company’s Research and Development team are already on the two other new products that are being lined up for release after their CPN has also been filed.

Ifrenel and Clayn are trademarks owned by Ifrenel, Inc.