Ifrenel teams up with GMA for Ifrenel’s first televised advertising campaign in the Philippines

With the development of Ifrenel Technology in the United States, Ifrenel, Inc. has ventured in the Philippine skin care market through online platforms as it opened its doors in the midst of the pandemic last 2021.   The first year was spent applying for FDA license to operate while solving logistics and developing our online platform.  Ifrenel has been active on Instagram and Facebook to create a robust online presence in social media. 


Now in 2022, Ifrenel has expanded from its local market into the national stage.

A leap from social media route to its very first TV commercial, Ifrenel has aired its GMA tv commercial on July 15, 2022 on prime time on two popular shows: “24-Oras” and “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.” The advertisement will air in these shows for the next eight (8) months.

The CEO of Ifrenel, Inc., Jonathan R. Matias, said “Our company wishes to support local talents and local businesses whenever possible.  For this reason, we engaged members of the Guimbal IFilm Society to create the advertising video message for our company.  The Society is composed of multi-talented young men and women who are passionate in creating short films and this is their first foray in creating advertising content.  We are very pleased with the collaboration and look forward to more advertising clips to be made by this group.” Guimbal is the town adjacent to the home office in Miag-ao.

The Ifrenel Research and Development Team is continuing to create performance based skin care line that addresses the problem of oiliness, acne and skin tone.  Acne, in particular, affects 80% of teens and young adults.  If poorly treated, the inflammation can be traumatic, disfigure the skin and create as social stigma.  Ifrenel corrects the problem by effectively removing excessive skin oil (sebum) production.

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