Ifrenel Research Team

Ifrenel’s clay-based technology adapted to new line of moisturizers and night scrubs under Ifrenel, Inc.’s Clayn brand.

Research and development are integral parts of the long term plan of Ifrenel, Inc. to develop advanced yet simple technologies in skin care. The cosmetic and skin care industry are dominated by expensive and “me too” products that in the end performs poorly for the consumer’s benefit. Today, the company announces completion of formulation and efficacy testing of our new Clayn daily moisturizer and Clayn Night scrub.

The technology still remains as a Wash-Off Tech.  You apply the product on your face with a rubbing action to exfoliate, while driving the moisturizing components into the skin.  The rubbing action with your fingers starts a process called microdermabrasion that not only exfoliates, but stimulate your skin’s blood vessels. Then, wash the product off your skin, leaving practically nothing.  The products are designed to work in less than a second, yet give lasting effects for the entire day.

Data on women and men from their early 20’s to their middle 60’s show that these products are perceived as very effective by the consumer testing group.  They can feel the difference after the first use and continues throughout the 2-week tests.  Longer term consumer satisfaction and performance are still being undertaken

“Our Team is now developing the large scale production and packaging form for these two products with our manufacturers in South Korea.  We are very optimistic that these products under the Clayn brand will add a new dimension to our growing product line,” says Ms. Tanya Mia Lubas, Operations Manager at Ifrenel, Inc.

Ifrenel and Clayn are trademarks owned by Ifrenel, Inc.