Ifrenel Girl

Hello, Clear Skin

I have been battling acne since I can remember, but my pimples are pretty unpredictable. I got my acne way back when I was a teen but it went away after maintaining my acne wash. After a while when I transferred to Manila for my college degree, that was when my acne started flaring up again, and it got worse when the pandemic started. I have used countless products which diminished my pimples for a while but then they come back in an even worse state than before. Now I got both acne and scars on my face! That was when I was introduced to Ifrenel


Let’s talk about Ifrenel

At first look at Ifrenel’s packaging, all I can say is I have never encountered a skincare product that is in a blister pack. I was thinking that this might be an acne spot treatment but when I opened it for testing, I was surprised that the blister pack contained powder! Now, this is not something you see daily for skincare products for acne. I was intrigued by how it will work on my skin and I was already out there testing products that would work on my acne so might as well dive into this.

A little scoop on what Ifrenel is. This is not your ordinary product. I have seen this on Instagram and Facebook and was curious about it. The product looks promising so I contacted them for an order so I could test it out, kudos to the team of ifrenel for that smooth and fast transaction! Their clay is from the mountains of the US and their products do not contain fragrance or irritants.

I have reviewed their website and discovered that this company has been around since 2007! It was only recently that they started to market their product here in the Philippines. You read about their company on their website here: www.ifrenel.com. How does it work? Ifrenel contains salicylic acid which is microencapsulated along with the clay of ifrenel. By rubbing the product onto your skin, the microencapsulated salicylic acid pops and works their magic on your pimples. Plus, rubbing the clay benefits your skin because, not only is ifrenel gentle to the skin, it also acts as microdermabrasion which eventually evens out the layers of the skin and smoothens it. This is what amazes me most when using the product.

While most clay-based products will need water or something wet to activate it, ifrenel works best when skin is dry. Also, pay attention to this – you use it as a facial wash! I have used clay-based products before but you use it as a mask that stays on your face for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse it out with water. Ifrenel works as a facial wash and it doesn’t even take a minute before you rinse it out. Also, while this product contains salicylic acid, it doesn’t dry my face like I normally feel when I use my usual soap for acne.

How ifrenel looks like from the blister pack

single Ifrenel blister pack.

This is my face before I used ifrenel

Ifrenel Girl Ifrenel Girl Ifrenel Girl

Before Ifrenel:

– having painful and irritating acne

– my breakouts before, during and after menstrual periods are frustrating. They’re big, “kulob”, itchy and painful

– my skin is super oily outside and super dry on the inside (combination)

– not using any skincare products because I’m scared it might worsen the situation of my skin – face is always swollen because of my acne/breakouts

– if I do use products, I only use moisturizer and sunscreen

– my skin is VERY SENSITIVE

– there is not a month that I don’t have pimples! (how frustrating) After the first wash, what I noticed first was the redness of my pimples toned down a bit. Unusual? Yes. Because, again, I have used acne facial wash before and it left my face dry and red but with Ifrenel, it felt fresh and light!

– 3 days after the first photo was taken

– as you can see my acne worsened compared to the first photo because I didn’t apply anything to my skin

– not applying anything to my skin

– using only mild soap


This is my face after 3 days of use for Ifrenel 

– my pimples are drying quicker than expected

– dark spots are lighter

– I stopped using moisturizer frequently because my skin already feels hydrated

– I felt pretty here

Ifrenel Girl Ifrenel Girl Ifrenel Girl

This is my 5th-day of using Ifrenel

– my pimples are drying quicker than expected

– dark spots are lighter

– I stopped using moisturizer frequently because my skin already feels hydrated

– it is a makeup-friendly formula and I felt real pretty in here

Ifrenel Girl

After a week of using Ifrenel

just another success story of Ifrenel

– pimples starting to clear up

– reduced the redness on my skin

– still have quite a few

– skin is always glowing

I am still currently using ifrenel to combat acne that I get during my period. I have hopes for this product to see a significant improvement in my pimples by using it for 7 days. I also read about Clayn but that is for another review! I will keep updating my improvements for this product. See you in a few weeks!